My 5 Favourite Books

1. The Sun Also Rises — Ernest Hemingway

This has been my favourite novel for at least five years, ever since I picked it up for the first time at my school library. I have the utmost respect for Hemingway as an author, and I think this particular book really asserts his ability to evoke emotions and imagery with minimal description.

2. Dark Angels — Karleen Koen

A fascinating historical novel set amidst the drama of the court of Charles II. It’s not too long after the English Revolution and the rule of the Parliamentarians, so there’s a lot of drama going on there. There’s also drama between the characters themselves, of course, and it’s very interesting.

3. I Am Morgan Le Fay — Nancy Springer

One of my first favourite books, I received this book when I was eight. It fascinated me and instantly sucked me into the world of the Arthurian legends. Yes, it’s a book for pre-teens, but I thought it was very well written and very mature for the audience it was aimed at.

4. The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Edgar Allan Poe

A little bit of a cheat, because it has all of Poe’s works in it, but it’s a damn good book. I think my favourite tale in the whole thing is, probably, The Murders in the Rue Morgue. Ligaeia was also very well done, though.

5. American Front — Harry Turtledove

The second book in Harry Turtledove’s American Empire series, it is MINDBLOWINGLY AWESOME. Alright, I’m sure a lot of historians would disagree with me on that, but some would also agree. I believe that Turtledove’s view of the world where the CSA won the Civil War is very interesting and, in some parts, close to what I imagine really would have happened in that situation. I also liked his use of multiple viewpoint characters, because I could see every event from multiple perspectives.


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